Why Oakfield

Oakfield Preparatory School

Why Oakfield

Inspirational schools are not just about fine facilities: they are about real people.

As a caring community, Oakfield is proud of its diverse ethnicity. We are proud to educate children from every race, colour and creed and every combination of the same.

We are strong as a result of our diversity. This goes beyond the classroom, beyond the playground and into the lives of all who are proud to be part of a school that is very much at the heart of Dulwich. Everyone at Oakfield works to create an atmosphere in which pupils are valued and actively encouraged to progress both academically and socially. We also try to develop in them a real sense of traditional values, especially courtesy and respect for others, which will enable them to become responsible and considerate members of society


We believe in open minds and clear values.

At Oakfield, our teachers are our most valuable asset. They understand that children need to be enthused; that they often need individual support; and that they benefit hugely from opportunities beyond the classroom which stimulate them in body and spirit. Exciting opportunities for sport, music, drama, art and technology add to the excellent extra- and co-curricular offerings that make Oakfield a way of life for all.

Oakfield is proud of its 130 year old history in Dulwich: members of our community, past and present, bear witness to the ideals that we hold dear at Oakfield, which inspire all our children to be the very best that they can be.